Smart Reading Video Tutorial for OrCam MyEye

These 2 tutorial videos will help you learn how to use the OrCam MyEye Smart Reading feature.

We recommend going through these video tutorials in the order presented, so you can learn to use your device as easily and quickly as possible. Start with 'Setup' and continue to 'Reading', then 'Vocal Commands' and so on. You will find at the end of each section the link to the next recommended video tutorials.

Video 1: Smart Reading

The Smart Reading feature is designed to help you find the information you are looking for in a faster and easier way.

To get the video tutorial to play, click on the video image below (or click here to open the video in a new tab)


With the Smart Reading feature, you can ask OrCam MyEye to read the due date and amount of your bills, read just the desserts section of a menu, read the phone number off a business card, and more.

To activate this feature:

  1. Hold or place the text 12 inches (30 cm) in front of your face.
  2. Double-tap the touch bar and say after the long beep, “Smart Reading”. The device will start making camera shutter sounds.
    • Alternatively, you can simply say: "Hey OrCam, Smart Reading". The device will then start making camera shutter sounds.
  3. After the device says, “Ready”, the device will always be listening. There is no need to subsequently double-tap the touch bar or give the prompt "Hey OrCam" before every vocal command.
  4. Say a vocal command. 
    • Read everything
    • Read the headlines
    • Volume up
    • Find 'X'
  1. To issue a new command while the device is reading, simply tap the touch bar once or use the stop gesture. This will prompt the device to return to the "Always Listening" mode.
  2. To exit this feature, either say, “Exit” or long press the touch bar for 5 seconds and then release. OrCam MyEye will say, “Exiting” as it exits the Smart Reading feature.
  • Reading navigation does not work while using the Smart Reading feature.
  • While awaiting your command, OrCam MyEye will repeatedly announce, “I am listening” to indicate it is still within the Smart Reading feature.
  • OrCam MyEye may ask you to confirm whether you meant to say a specific command. Say, "Yes" to confirm and OrCam MyEye will continue with said command. If you did not say the said command, say, "No" and OrCam MyEye will return to the "Always Listening" mode.

The image below demonstrates Smart Reading:


Up next: 2 options based on your device...

For users with a MyEye Pro, we recommend proceeding with the tutorial on Bank Notes and Barcodes. After mastering the Pro features, you will be directed to the final settings video tutorials.

For users with a MyEye Smart, we suggest continuing with the tutorial on Settings to complete your understanding of the device.

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