Bank Notes & Barcodes Video Tutorials for MyEye Pro

These 3 tutorial videos will help you learn how to identify bank notes and barcodes with the MyEye Pro, as well as how to teach your device a new (unrecognized) barcode.

For the MyEye Pro features, we recommend going through these video tutorials in the order presented, so you can learn to use your device as easily and quickly as possible. Start here with 'Bank Notes & Barcodes' and continue to 'Face Recognition', then finally 'Color Detection, Product Learning and Orientation'. You will find at the end of each section the link to the next recommended video tutorials.


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Pro Video 1: Identifying Bank Notes

To get the video tutorial to play, click on the video image below.

MyEye Pro Video 2: Identifying Products with Barcodes

The OrCam MyEye comes with a pre-loaded database of product barcodes, based on your locality. You can also teach OrCam MyEye to learn barcodes of products not already in the database.

To get the video tutorial to play, click on the video image below.

Note on Barcode Recognition:
•   If OrCam MyEye does not recognize a barcode, the device will announce, “Unfamiliar barcode”. You can teach the barcode to the device by following the instructions on Learning New Barcodes below:

MyEye Pro Video 3: Barcode Learning

To get the video tutorial to play, click on the video image below.

Notes on Barcode Learning.

  • OrCam MyEye will announce whether there are too many barcodes detected, and will not start barcode learning.
  • During the learning process, touching the touch bar or using the stop gesture will end the learning session. If you touch the touch bar, OrCam MyEye will chime and say, “Cancelling Learning”. If you use the stop gesture, OrCam MyEye will make a low, double beep sound to indicate it has ended the learning session.
  • OrCam MyEye will announce if it has failed to attempt learning a product’s barcode. If it does fail please repeat the process again.


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