Face Recognition Video Tutorial for MyEye Pro

This tutorial video will help you learn how to use the face recognition feature of the MyEye Pro.

For the MyEye Pro features, we recommend going through these video tutorials in the order presented, so you can learn to use your device as easily and quickly as possible. Start with 'Bank Notes & Barcodes' and continue here with 'Face Recognition', then finally 'Color Detection, Product Learning and Orientation'. You will find at the end of each section the link to the next recommended video tutorials.

Pro Video 1: Face Learning

To get the video tutorial to play, click on the video image below.

Notes on Face Recognition.

  • OrCam MyEye can only learn one face at a time.
  • For best results, make sure to learn one face at a time in an area with good lighting.
  • During the learning session, OrCam MyEye will announce if there are too many faces detected and request that you focus only on one face. OrCam MyEye will cancel the learning session should it continue to detect more than one face.
  • During the learning session, using the stop gesture will end the learning session. OrCam MyEye will make a low, double beep sound to indicate it has ended the learning session.
  • If OrCam MyEye fails to recognize a previously learned person, you can re-learn that face by following the instructions titled “Learn New Faces”.
  • If face learning is at first not successful, OrCam MyEye will assist you by announcing whether the person is too close or too far away or is not centered to you or is not facing you.
  • OrCam MyEye can learn up to 100 faces.

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