What are the differences between the OrCam MyEye Smart and the OrCam MyEye Pro?

The OrCam MyEye:

This device is the most advanced wearable assistive technology for people who are blind or visually impaired. It provides independence by allowing access to visual information, conveyed by audio, on a tiny camera which can be attached to any pair of eyeglasses.

Using Artificial Intelligence it reads text, recognizes faces, identifies products, and more.

The features available depend on the version.

There are two versions of OrCam MyEye:

OrCam MyEye Smart contains the text reading feature, as well as the brand new Smart Reading feature.

OrCam MyEye PRO contains all features listed above for the Smart version, plus recognizing faces, identifying products, money notes, barcodes, colors and Orientation features.

To learn more about the different versions of OrCam MyEye, go to the product page.