MyEye is not charging

  1. Make sure that you have updated to the latest software version.
  2. Make sure you are charging the device correctly. 
  3. If the device is still not charging try to isolate the issue:
    1. Try charging the device in a different wall outlet/socket. 
    2. Try replacing the magnetic charger piece that is inserted into the micro USB inlet on the back of the MyEye with one of the spare magnetic charger pieces which came in the box with your MyEye. The magnetic charger piece is designed to fit snugly into the device. If you are finding it challenging to remove, please reach out to support and we will guide you through this process. 
    3. We do recommend you use the OrCam charging cable and OrCam wall charger (the section that plugs into the wall) to charge your OrCam device. However, when trouble shooting to isolate the issue, if you've tried (a) and (b) and the device is still not responding, try these combinations too:
      1. Use the OrCam charging cable with a magnetic charger piece inserted and try another wall charger.
      2. Remove the the magnetic charger piece, try using another charger cable with the OrCam wall charger.
      3. Remove the the magnetic charger piece, try charging with another charger cable and wall charger.
  4. If the device is still not charging please contact our support team:

Notes on Charging indicators:

  •  When the device is off it makes a distinct “beep” when connected to a charger and the LED lights go on.
  • When the device is on it will announce: “charger connected/disconnected” 
  • Parts and accessories can be ordered through our customer support team.