How can I reach OrCam’s customer support team?

Self-service assistance:

The Help Center contains a wealth of articles and information. By making use of the search bar, many times customers are able to find the information they need themselves.

Distributor purchases:

For customers who purchased from one of our distributors, it’s best to first reach out to that local distributor for assistance.

Contact details for the OrCam customer support team:

OrCam’s customer support team are available to assist customers who purchased their device directly from the OrCam website or online with the assistance of an OrCam call center sales representative.

The OrCam customer support team can be reached through the following channels:

  • Leaving a message at:

USA and Canada:  1-800-713-3741

UK: 020-30484490

  • Submitting a case online here

A member of the support team will reach out personally as soon as possible, so it's important customers double check they have provided the correct contact details (telephone and email).