The OrCam Read is not reading text properly

You may hear messages like: some of the text is unreadable, text seems blurry, skipping unreadable text, not all the page is in view, text is upside down, or light level is too low


Please see the tutorial video below which contains tips on how to use the OrCam Read correctly:


To take a good quality picture with the OrCam Read please ensure the following:

  • The camera lens is directly in facing the text, and the lens is not obscured or dirty. The camera can only read text within its field of view.
  • The text is at 90 degrees to the camera.
    • If the device is angled too far forward the device will misread the text and say that the text is upside down.
  • There is good lighting.
    • Even in daylight we recommend turning on as many lights as possible to ensure there is adequate lighting for the device to see the text.
  • The device is oriented so that the buttons on the top of the device are facing upwards, in the same direction as the top of the page.
  • The user is holding the device still, and not moving their hand as the device takes the picture.
    • If this is difficult we recommend using a book stand and resting your elbow on a table, as well as using your other hand to steady your hand as it takes the picture.

If you are still having difficulties with reading,  please submit a case to our support team: