The OrCam Read Can't Pair With Bluetooth


OrCam supplies Bluetooth Earphones that connect to the OrCam devices. The OrCam devices can also connect to Bluetooth 4.2 earphones/speakers. However, we recommend testing the connection before purchasing Bluetooth earphones/speakers to use with the OrCam device since every company might use a slightly different device protocol and this could cause issues.


If your OrCam device is not connecting to Bluetooth, please follow the steps below:
  1. Confirm that both the OrCam Read and the earphones are charged.
  2. Make sure you are pairing while both devices are in pairing mode.
  3.  If you cannot pair the device with the OrCam earphones, try pairing the OrCam earphones with another device.
    • If the OrCam earphones won’t pair with another device please submit a case with our support team.
    • If the OrCam earphones will connect to another device;
      1. Try to forget all Bluetooth audio devices via the settings menu:
      2. Once you have entered the settings menu, scroll through until you reach: “Connectivity Settings Menu” and press the trigger button to select.
      3. Press the trigger button again to select “Bluetooth settings menu’.
      4. Scroll through until you reach: “Forget all Bluetooth Devices” and press the trigger button to select.
      5. Follow the prompts to forget all Bluetooth devices.
      6. Then try pairing again.
  4. If you are not using OrCam Earphones:
    1. Confirm that the Bluetooth device supports Bluetooth 4.2.
    2. Read the pairing instructions carefully.

If the device is still not connecting to Bluetooth,  please submit a case to our support team: