Is the OrCam MyEye able to read a a single paragraph?

To read a single paragraph with the OrCam Myeye you can use the pointing gesture.

  1. Hold or place the text in front of your face at a distance of about 12 inches (30 cm).
  2. Use the pointing gesture on the paragraph you want OrCam MyEye to read. Make sure your finger is in the middle of the column around a half-inch (1 cm) below the top of the section you want OrCam MyEye to read.
  3. When you hear a double beep, remove your finger from the text.
  4. You will hear a camera shutter sound as OrCam MyEye takes a picture of the text.
  5. OrCam MyEye will make several beeps as it processes the text.
  6. OrCam MyEye will then begin reading the text around 3 lines above from where your finger pointed.
  7. Once it has read the text that you want it to read, you can stop the device reading by touching the touch bar once, or using the stop gesture. 

You can view a tutorial video on how to read with the OrCam MyEye below: