How to use barcode recognition with the OrCam MyEye

The OrCam MyEye comes with a pre-loaded database of product barcodes, based on your locality. You can also teach OrCam MyEye to learn barcodes of products not already in the database.

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Recognizing Products with Barcodes.  

Please see the tutorial video on how to identify products with barcodes below:

Use this feature to recognize products based on their barcode.

  1. Hold or place the barcode 12 inches (30 cm) in front of your face.
  2. There are three ways to activate your OrCam MyEye to identify the barcode:
      1. Manual activation: Touch the touch bar. You will hear a beep. 
      2.  Automatic barcode recognition: Direct OrCam MyEye toward the barcode for a few seconds.
        • Note: this option is enabled by default.
      3. Pointing gesture: Point at the barcode until you hear a double beep. Remove your finger from the area.
  3. OrCam MyEye will make a camera shutter sound as it takes a picture of the barcode.
  4. OrCam MyEye will announce the product name if it is learned or available within the internal, preloaded database.

Note on Barcode Recognition:
•   If OrCam MyEye does not recognize a barcode, the device will announce, “Unfamiliar barcode”. You can teach the barcode to the device by following the instructions on Learning New Barcodes below:

Learning New Barcodes.

Please see the tutorial video on how to teach new barcodes to the OrCam MyEye below: 

You can teach OrCam MyEye to learn barcodes of products. To learn a new barcode:

  1. Hold or place the barcode you wish to learn 12 inches (30 cm) in front of your face.
  2. Long press the touch bar until you hear the device make camera shutter sounds and then beep.
    • Alternatively, you can say: "Hey OrCam, start the barcode learning".
  3. OrCam MyEye will announce, “Learning product using barcode. Please name the product after the beep”.
  4. After the long beep, say the name of the product.
  5. After a few seconds, OrCam MyEye will repeat your recording.
  6. Touch the touch bar to confirm the name or swipe the touch bar to record the name again. You may also double-tap the touch bar to abort the whole process.
  7. Upon confirmation, OrCam MyEye will chime and announce, “Learning done; product added”.
  8. Each time OrCam MyEye recognizes a learned barcode, it will replay your recording.

Notes on Barcode Learning.

  • OrCam MyEye will announce whether there are too many barcodes detected, and will not start barcode learning.
  • During the learning process, touching the touch bar or using the stop gesture will end the learning session. If you touch the touch bar, OrCam MyEye will chime and say, “Cancelling Learning”. If you use the stop gesture, OrCam MyEye will make a low, double beep sound to indicate it has ended the learning session.
  • OrCam MyEye will announce if it has failed to attempt learning a product’s barcode. If it does fail please repeat the process again.