How to navigate the OrCam Read app

The main screen contains the following features:

  • Battery Indicator:
    • An image of the OrCam Read that shows the battery charge percentage of your OrCam Read. If voiceover is enabled on your smartphone, the app will announce the battery charge percentage.
  • Find:
    • If you have lost or misplaced your OrCam Read while it is powered on, not in suspend mode, and connected to the app, press this icon to make your device continuously beep.
    • Press the icon again to stop the beeping.
  • Learn:
    • Press this icon to access the OrCam Read tutorials found on the OrCam website.
  • Settings:
    • Press this icon to easily access, view, and change the settings of your OrCam MyEye through the app in real-time instead of manually changing them on your device.
    • Some of the settings which can be changed include:
      • Volume;
      • Reading Rate;
      • Language;
      • And more.

Notes on OrCam Read App.

  • Do not allow unauthorized users access to your “OrCam Read” app. They might, unwittingly change your settings, which may create an inconvenience for you.
  • The language of the Settings section in the “OrCam Read” app is determined by the system language of your OrCam Read device, not by the language of your phone or app.