How to access the settings menu on the OrCam Read

Please see the tutorial video on how to use the settings menu on the OrCam Read below:

To get the video tutorial to play, click on the video image below. 

Accessing the Settings Menu
There are three ways to access the settings menu:

  1. Rapidly double press the trigger button and after the long beep, say, 'Enter the User Menu'.
  2. If you have enabled "Hey OrCam" on your device, you can simply say: ""Hey OrCam, enter the User Menu"
    Click here for instructions on how to enable the "Hey OrCam" feature. 
  3. Press and hold down the long power button with your one hand, then press the ('+') or ('-') button with your other hand, and then release both buttons.

Navigating the Settings Menu
Once you are in the audio settings menu, listen carefully to the audio instructions.

  • Pressing the trigger button confirms the selected option.
  • Pressing the volume buttons browses through the options.
  • Double-tapping the trigger button either sends the device back to the previous menu or exits the audio settings menu.

If you do not make a selection, the device will repeat the same message. If no action is made
before 30 seconds transpire, the device will automatically exit the audio settings menu.

You can also adjust many of your device's setting on the iPhone app.