How does the Orientation Feature work to tell me what's in front of me?

The Orientation feature helps you to orient within your surroundings

Important: The Orientation feature is currently in beta mode, and is still undergoing development.

The OrCam MyEye can announce objects that are between 6 and 30 feet (2 and 9 meters) away in front of you.

OrCam MyEye can identify the following objects:

  • Doors
  • Chairs
  • Round Containers, such as cups, jars, and bottles
  • Ascending Stairs
  • Digital Screens
  • Tables
  • To activate this feature:
    1. Make sure that the camera is facing the area of interest.
    2. You can either simply say "Hey OrCam, what's in front of me", Or you can double-tap the touch bar and say after the long beep, “What’s in front of me”
    3. The device will announce which objects were identified, how many objects, and their relative locations. For example: “A table in the center and 2 chairs, one to the left and one to the right”.
    4. The device is now in “Always Listening” mode. There is no need to double-tap the touch bar before saying any further vocal commands.
    5. To identify additional objects in your surroundings, either say, “Repeat”, or, “What’s in front of me”.

This device doesn’t replace the white cane or any other assistive device that is used for navigation or obstacle detection. 


The only vocal commands available to the Orientation feature are the 3 listed in the section. Using other vocal commands will not work when the Orientation feature is activated.