How do I navigate the MyEye App?

The main screen contains the following features:
app main screen.png
  • Battery Indicator:
    • An image of the OrCam MyEye that shows the battery charge percentage of your OrCam MyEye. If voiceover is enabled on your smartphone, the app will announce the battery charge percentage.
  • Find:
    • If you have lost or misplaced your OrCam MyEye while it is powered on and connected to the app, press this icon to make your device continuously beep.
    • Press the icon again to stop the beeping.
  • Learn:
    • Press this icon to access the OrCam MyEye tutorials found on the OrCam website.
  • Settings:
    • Press this icon to easily access, view, and change the settings of your OrCam MyEye through the app in real-time instead of manually changing them on your device.
    • Some of the settings which can be changed include:
      • Volume;
      • Reading Rate;
      • Language;
      • Gestures; Faces; Product,Barcode, Bank Note and Color Settings;
      • And more.
    • Here you can also connect your OrCam MyEye to WiFi in the WiFi settings section.
  • Control:
    • Press this icon to access the remote control panel.
    • The remote control panel contains the following icons:
      • Play/Pause Icon - Press this icon to have OrCam MyEye:
        • Start a reading session by taking a picture of the desired text.
        • Pause reading.
        • Resume reading.
      • Stop Icon - Press this icon to stop and end the reading session.
      • Fast Forward Icon - Press this icon to skip to the next sentence during the reading session.
      • Rewind Icon - Press this icon to go back to the previous sentence during the reading session. 
      • Volume Bar - Move the volume bar to set the volume on your device. OrCam MyEye will announce whether the volume level was raised or lowered, as well as when you reach the minimum or maximum volume level.