How do I Attach the Magnetic Mounts to hold the OrCam MyEye to my Glasses?

OrCam MyEye can magnetically attach to the mount that is pre-installed on the eyeglasses provided in the box.

Please see the tutorial video on how to connect the magnetic mount below:


To wear OrCam MyEye on your own pair of eyeglasses, you will need to install a small mount with magnets on the eyeglasses frame.

OrCam recommends using thicker frames to better support the device. Please avoid using eyeglasses with wire frames.

The following instructions were written so that you can attach the mount onto either arm of the
eyeglasses without issue.

You will require:

  • Your eyeglasses frame
  • Your OrCam MyEye powered off
  • The partially-assembled plastic mount (provided in the box)
  • A pair of small scissors (provided in the box)

To attach the mount onto either arm of the eyeglasses using the partially prepared mount:

  1. Insert the eyeglasses arm through the mount straps.
  2. Attach OrCam MyEye to the magnetic mount to ensure that the camera is aligned with the front of the eyeglasses on the outer side of the eyeglasses arm. Remove OrCam MyEye once
  3. Remove the sticker tab from the back of the mount.
  4. Press the mount onto the arm of the eyeglasses frame one index finger away from the front of the eyeglasses.
  5. Pull each strap tightly to secure the mount and carefully cut off the excess straps.
    The mount is now attached to the eyeglasses frame and can be left there permanently. The
    eyeglasses can be folded with the mount in place, but not while OrCam MyEye is attached.